Classical Realism in Watercolor and Oils

Pamela Jekel is a nationally-known novelist, well regarded for her historical sagas, three of which have been New York Times bestsellers.  Her twelve books were published in both hardcover and paperback, and have been translated into sixteen foreign languages, as well as Braille and Large Print Editions

Pam grew up in a house inspired by art, as her father, William Jekel, was a successful California watercolorist and muralist.  Working at his feet as a child, she heard him often say, “Art is the only way to reinvent life according to our own specifications.”  Offering encouragement rather than criticism, he helped her develop the ability to make the subjects of her paintings vibrate with realistic life, lush color, and personal vision.

Pam received her formal training at UCLA and the University of Virginia, obtained a Ph.D. in English, and after twenty years as a successful novelist, turned again to her first love, painting in the classical realism style, in both watercolor and traditional oils.  Her floral and bird studies are increasingly popular, and she has also began to offer her unique renditions of local landscapes, which she interprets with the same blend of realism and sensuality which has always infused her art.

Pam and her family live creekside in Athens, Georgia, amidst a landscape that provides many of the subjects for her work.  Although she has lived in many states and traveled worldwide, she relishes the tranquility of her Georgian home.  

Jekel’s passion for natural beauty is a conduit into each painting, a way for the viewer to possess forever that perfect moment when the flower blooms, the bird sings, and the fruit is ripe.  Her working studio and home gallery are open by appointment.

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